The Hyperion Cameleon

How it Works?

The Hyperion Cameleon offers salt-free “green technology” using a 4-stage water refinement process, exclusively from Fidelis Elite Systems! The Hyperion Cameleon incorporates Purion® Magnetic Water Treatment Technology, Fidelis Elite’s multi-stage salt-free water treatment system, controlled by our exclusive electronic digital control valve.

Hyperion Chameleon salt free water system

Refiner Tank Construction

Blow-molded, high-density polyethylene NSF and FDA approved inner shell, providing leak-proof and maintenance-free operation External thermowound fiberglass windings for strength and working pressures up to 120 psi Atmospheric break to insulate tank and eliminate condensation Highly polished, 22 gauge stainless steel outer cover for a sleek appearance

The Purion® Water Conditioner

Exclusive Stage 4 Purion® Water Conditioner

Purion Water conditioner
  • Whole house water refinement

  • Lasts a lifetime

  • Patented

  • No chemicals added

  • No moving parts

  • No maintenance required

© The Purion® Water Conditioner has been patented under U.S. Patent No. 5,161,512 and has been TueV certificate number S 9114578. Purion® is a trademark of AZ Industries, Inc. in Hardy, Arkansas.

Exclusive Electronic Digital Control Valve

  • Electronic backlit display
  • No gears to break
  • Automatically calculates usage, capacity and reserve volume
  • Eliminates mechanical meter & cable
  • Motor only runs during regeneration
  • Flow indicator
  • Knows how much water is used and when
  • Simply set time of day and hardness